Hi There,
I’m Tyler Gough.

I’m currently helping envision a future Made by Google in the SF Bay Area.

Google Hardware

I helped craft the design strategy for the 2017 Home product portfolio along side industrial designers, UX and product management. I also supported design strategy and product concept development efforts for the Google Clips camera.

Behance Special Projects

I worked on number of special projects during my time at Behance as a Product Designer. Including Apple TV apps for the network & the 99U conference. Plus a series of watch faces for Android Wear and an Apple Watch app.

Adobe Creative Cloud

I worked as a design lead on Adobe’s Creative Cloud Desktop. The application acts the central hub for users to interact with their subscription on the desktop. I also helped develop experiences that integrate Adobe services into other touch points like desktop and mobile apps.

Side Projects

Outside of my day job, I enjoy exploring app concepts and product ideas. You can check out a few selects in more detail on Behance & Dribbble.

Tyler Gough

About Me

Based in San Francisco, creating products people need & love.

I work across hardware and software to define product design strategies and develop concepts. I stay up to date on the latest tech, societal, and design trends — exploring how these things will affect the future of technology. 

I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to shoot me an Email, reach out through Linked In, or find me on Instagram.